Plans to make CanCars made by recycling old drinks cans

About Sandy from CanCars

I was born in England and trained as a draughtsman, having always had a pencil in my hand. I later re-trained as a Technology teacher and emigrated out here to New Zealand. Here I carried on teaching and pursuing my interest in competition model aircraft, classic cars, and bikes.

While I was off work recovering from an accident I picked up the drawing instruments and started taking a serious look at the Coruba and Cola cans that I had held back from the recycler. I have seen pictures of some very fine model aircraft made from drinks cans but they had the plain aluminium from the inside of the cans on the outside of the model. This defeats the purpose of using the drinks can as far as I am concerned. You want everyone who looks to be able to see instantly what your basic resource was. Celebrate the fact, don't hide it! Read More.

Racer CanCar

Guinness 2 CanCar

Jeep CanCar